Out on good behaviour

So eventually the white blood cells did spring up to Alice-in-the-rabbit-hole proportions. 19.1 on Monday thanks to the injections (the normal human range is between 3 and 12.)

I felt like a prisoner escaping the hospital. I probably looked a bit shifty walking out of the room for the first time in six weeks without a surgical mask. I think I was half-expecting one of the nurses to run after me and stop me on my way.

Anyway, I’m only really out on parole – yesterday, after getting my blood taken and a dressing changed, I spent the entire day in hospital just waiting for this little lot to come up from the pharmacy:


..and tomorrow I’m booked in for a bone marrow biopsy at the out-patients’ clinic, which feels a bit like having a medieval instrument drilled through your back, but should give some idea of what my cells have been up to.

I just need to remember to have all these before I go:




  1. chris says:

    Congratulations on getting out (mebbe they didn’t clock you without the mask). Must feel ‘real’ Alice in Wonderland. Enjoy!

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